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By introducing equipment and improving product quality, we provide clients with better tooling development speed and productivity than competitors.

Operation and Management

Three Concepts Make the Best Consumer Experience.

Mr. Chen once said "As long as you make 1 percent progress each time and start with small details, you will see huge changes."

We use this spirit to fulfill in every aspect of our service. To meet clients' need, we insist on concepts of honesty-first, service-foremost and mission-persistent.


Every order contains the trust from our clients, so we care about our goodwill. Since our first day, we have fulfilled thousands of entrusts, which includes over-20-year regular customers. We see honesty as priority to provide trustworthy products.


We try our best to fulfill the need of customers, and take product quality into consideration. As a result, we reach the high-standard and service when passing the service inspection from oversea traders. Besides, we earn our trust from brands such as HONDA, Volkswagen, FORD, TOYOTA, CANON and Taiwan High Speed Rail.


Faced with customers' need, we deliver our product without delay no matter how market changes. We also cooperate with many well-known shipping companies such as EMS and UPS. And we deliver our products by land, sea and air transportation.

To provide best service, Shou Long takes every detail into consideration.

Organization Chart

Organizational Chart