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By introducing equipment and improving product quality, we provide clients with better tooling development speed and productivity than competitors.

Our Customers

Convey Our Vision To The Whole World.

For a long time, we have strived for progress with the belief of customer first. By making improvement step by step, we become the trustworthy and favorable brand of hardware stamping parts. Now, we have stood out from manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan, and Germany.

Proportion of Global Sales

Proportion of Global Sales: North America 35%, South Asia 25%, Eastern Asia 15%, and other areas 25%


HONDA, Volkswagen, Ford, Taiwan High Speed Rail, TOYOTA, Canon

Three guarantees make the best consumer experience.

Our aim is to offer quality products to traders, so we do our best to improve quality and better production.

Our three guarantees are as shown below:

1. Strong Corporate Health Index
We are honored with Dun & Bradstreet award three times. In terms of financial pressure and export growth rate, we are ranked 1000th in 1.5 million Taiwanese SMEs. With good business capability, Shou Long is now considered a prestigious manufacturer with stable quality.

2. Durable Precision Parts
Because auto precision parts are closely connected with transportation safety, we manufacture each hardware stamping part in high standard (ISO 9001:2015) in order to reach quality and safety.

3. Safe Working Environment
We believe good working environment makes good product quality, so we introduce 6S management. Furthermore, we set up various software and hardware protection measures in order to avoid accidents. Meanwhile, we classify machine and material strictly and effectively. The moment we take care of our employees, we ensure our product quality.

To all of us, we value every opportunity with clients, and we use three guarantees to be the most trustworthy manufacturer.