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By introducing equipment and improving product quality, we provide clients with better tooling development speed and productivity than competitors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

From the Society and For the Society.

To offer customers more comprehensive service, we try to digitalize these years. We not only digitalize the information of customers and products but speed up the production capacity. That way, we can improve the flexibility of production line and develop new ways of precision industrial manufacturing.


We believe that talent cultivation makes business invention. As a result, we have started campus job fair and internship recruitment in 2019 to break through manufacturing process and develop new product line. We look forward to keeping up with market change.


【Energy management policy】

Article 1 The Company is committed to operating a green environment and caring for the earth's resources, and cooperates with the implementation of an energy management system that meets international standards, so as to fulfill its social environmental protection responsibilities and achieve sustainable business objectives.

Article 2 The organizational structure conforms to energy use and consumption, follows the characteristics and scale of the industry, continuously improves the performance of energy use, and reduces the impact of environmental resource use.

Article 3 Commitment to comply with energy laws and regulations, promote the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, formulate energy conservation goals and target plans, regularly review the benefits of energy conservation measures, support the procurement of high-efficiency products and services, establish energy conservation education and training and responsibility division system, comprehensively improve energy efficiency, and respond to a green, energy-saving and low-carbon environment.

Article 4 This Policy shall come into force after approval by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and shall be the same when amended.

                 Issued on October 24, 2023

In 2019 Changhua's coastal beach-cleaning event, we offered reusable rice bags for 5000 attendants in order that we can do our parts in environmental protection.

6s management for our company.

1. Sort
Keep the necessary and abandon the unnecessary.
Lower the stock and improve the storage to avoid missing goods.

2. Set In Order
Classify, position, and label products.
Decrease the movement so as to save time.

3. Shine
Wipe the stain and dirt, and inspect them often.
Enhance the equipment’s ability and keep them clean.

4. Standardize
Cleanse and beautify the working environment to lower the possibility of fire.

5. Sustain
Be polite and disciplined.Decrease uncertain factors.
Follow rules and build good relationship.

6. Security
Operate machines cautiously and follow safety rules to avoid accidents.

To adapt fast changes in the market, we improve our manufacturing processes and develop new product lines by striving for progress. To increase market share, we will keep on expanding various lines of hardware stamping parts and assisting supply chains in manufacturing competitive products. We will carry out achievements in the global precision parts market. Meanwhile, we will establish and promote the business CSR group in order to do our parts for the environmental sustainability.