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By introducing equipment and improving product quality, we provide clients with better tooling development speed and productivity than competitors.

Quality Control

Dig Into Every Detail of Service.

We have established QC department, which strictly ensures the manufacturing quality for our clients.

Furthermore, we have introduced precision measuring instruments to ensure that every size of product could meet clients' needs.

Concentration Makes Perfection

To meet customers' diverse needs, we continuously improve design, development, and manufacturing. After years of hard work, we become a leading brand in hardware stamping industry.

High-quality Mold Management

Mold is the core of hardware stamping parts, so we take mold managing details into consideration. Our working processes contain sampling evaluation, pattern analysis, mold manufacturing, mold testing and other steps. As a result, we keep on finding new skills, optimizing working processes, and build the mold inspection checklist to manage the attrition rate and life expectancy. Besides, parts manufactured from mold machine will be inspected by the measuring machine in ten pieces. By doing so, we stabilize the stamping production efficiency and quality, and we can increase the product's yield rate as well as decrease the mold machine's attrition rate.

All-round Quality Inspection

To manage the part's specification precisely, we inspect products through Keyence optical comparator, X-ray thickness measurer, salt spray tester, and dehydrogenation furnace. All checklists have to be finished in the factory and supervised by QA team. We track and inspect our products batch by batch to meet customer's need. Furthermore, we will make sure the quality control and entrust precise parts to our clients. We are always strict on product specifications and manufacturing processes in order to reach the high standard in industry.

Quality Policy: Maintain Quality, Keep Improve, Satisfy Customer's Need.

Quality Control Equipment