Shou Long Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shou Long is a manufacturer of auto hardware fastener stamping and mold development.


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Retaining Rings - Retaining Rings.

Retaining Rings

Retaining ring is a fastener equipped on the outside of shafts, in bores and on grooves, it is used for fixing...

Washers - Washers.


Washer is a fastener installed on the top of the bolt shaft and parts. When used in counterparts with...

Nuts - Plate Nuts.


Plate nut is often applied in assembly of automobile, home appliance, architecture, and electrical equipment....

Pins - Pins.


Spring pin is a hollow cylinder. The chamfers on the body one side or both side can be easily inserted...

OEM Stamping Parts - OEM Stamping Parts.

OEM Stamping Parts

Stamping part is a part exerting pressure on tooling's metal plates through punching machines, it can plasticize...

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40 Years Intl. Standard Hardware Stamping Parts Manufacturer | SHOU LONG

Based in Taiwan, Shou Long Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of hardware stamping parts in Cars and Motorcycles' Parts Industry. Main product, including C type retaining ring, washers, motorcycle clips, nuts and other OEM stamping parts.

With 40 years experiences of the mold development, our founder can assist customers in improving the mold manufacturing process. We work hard for better stock availability as well as delivery punctuality, and we manufacture nearly ten thousand products such as C type retaining ring, washers, motorcycle clips, nuts and other OEM stamping parts.

SHOU LONG has been offering customers high-quality Retaining Rings, Cage Nuts, Plate Nuts, Toothed Lock Internal Washers, Toothed Lock External Washers, Push on Nuts, Self-locking Internal Nuts, Self-locking External Nuts, Snap Pins, Wave Washers, Curved Washers since 1991, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, SHOU LONG ensures each customer's demands are met.